Media relations and content creation service

Personalized Outreach Strategies

We develop communication strategies that go beyond standard press releases. We customize the approach for each medium, ensuring your message resonates with the right audiences.

Building Lasting Relationships

We establish and maintain strong relationships with journalists, editors and producers. This network of contacts allows us to place your stories effectively and take advantage of unique coverage opportunities.

Media Content Creation

From content tailored to press releases, op-eds and exclusive interviews, we create the type of content media outlets want to share. This proactive approach guarantees positive and valuable coverage. We also develop branded content adapted to different formats to achieve as native a look as possible.

Monitoring and Continuous Adaptation

We constantly monitor media trends and adjust our strategies accordingly. Adaptability is key in an ever-changing media environment, and we ensure your brand is always at the forefront.

Spokesperson training and visibility plan

We offer customized training programs for spokespersons to communicate effectively in interviews and events. Additionally, we create strategies to highlight them as experts in their fields, ensuring they have a presence in the media, social networks and key events.

Content Creation Services

To achieve your communication objectives in Spain and Latin America, it is not just about localizing corporate content; It's about creating a content strategy from scratch and producing compelling content. At Blackdog, we excel at developing content strategies and producing content that resonate with your target audience in Spanish-speaking markets. 

Benefits of Our Approach

Strategic Coverage

We strategically place your stories in the most relevant media for your industry, maximizing the visibility and credibility of your brand.

Reinforced Reputation

By building authentic relationships with the media, you not only gain coverage, but you also strengthen the reputation of your brand and spokespeople over time.

Measurable Impact

Our results-oriented approach translates into measurable impact in terms of reach, ad value and engagement.

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